Material Quality    


We focus on continious improvement through quality and process analysis to achieve zero defects.

Physical Checking

Physical Checking of raw material is done with the measuring instruments like micrometer, vernier calipers, etc. as per client drawing, for Hardness Testing, Tensile Testing, Yield Strength Test, Elongation Test etc. is done in the laboratary located close to our factory.

Chemical Analysis

We purchase raw material from reputed Steel Processors/Marts/Suppliers whose test certificates accompany each and every supply. Besides, out of every lot of raw material received, material testing arrangement has been made at a lab located near by our factory by taking random samples.

The turned parts are being inspected periodically after every 2 to 3 pieces per minute for 100 Nos. straight run from the automatic machine .

Mode of Inspection

Snap gauges Micrometer screw, Vernier Callipers for dia-meter, in between length of components, depth of drilled holes by dial comparators, drill diameter as well as threading of the components are checked/inspected by plug guages.

We are having Tool Maker Microscope for total length, inbetween length checking of components, tapper lengths tapper degrees etc. For critical components to be inspected, we generally contact large scale industries who are having the profile projectors, special purpose instruments etc. facilities for inspection here in Rajkot. So also we arrange third party inspection as per clients requirements

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