The productions of Precision Turned Parts itself includes history of machine tools.

Metal processing deals with machine tools, small tools and processes by which the productions of parts is accomplished in single units, small quantities or mass production.

In 1500 B.C. a well known machine tool designer and father of mechanics Leonardo da Vinci had invented mother of machine tool called "Lathe". It is probably the oldest of all the machine tools as well as the most important machine in modern  production.

His enormous exert have set continious challenge to the modern era that the basis of the automatic lathes were evolved.


Precision Sliding Head Stock Automatics Machine (which managed stored paths as mechanical CAMS) from "TRAUB" "TORNOS" "BECHLER" have proved the world of being capable supplier and to all branches of industries their outstanding German & Swiss Technology for the production of high finish, extreme accuracy, optimum production and an unvarying concentricity of turned parts.


Sliding Headstock Automatics are primarily operated for the production of turned parts. The special feature of the automatic machine is the axially sliding headstock. It is thus made possible to turn very long parts and short parts with high surface finish and unvarying concentricity. Besides longitudinal turning, positive tapers as well as negative tapers can be turned in a simple manner on this unique machine such that use of form tools is usually avoided and much of the idle time in sequence of operations is contented for optimum output. With this sliding headstock system, automatic offers the possiblity to machine centered spots, boringout of small holes, back recessing (undercutting), forming, knurlling, cutting off, etc. along with five lateral turning tools. In addition, an extensive range of auxillary attachments and devices permits universal operations like drilling, threading, centering, slotting, back drilling, cross drilling, square milling, cross milling, etc. on any given complicated parts.



Sliding Head Stock Automatic Machine with Three Spindle Drilling and Threading attahment.

Capacity of "STROHM" Machine.

1. Maximum bar capacity in round           7.00mm.
2. Maximum bar capacity in square           5.00mm.
3. Maximum bar capacity in hexagonal           6.50mm.
4. Maximum turning length by flat/bell carns       100.00mm.
5. Maximum work spindle rpm 10,000.00rpm.
6. Number of lateral turning tools           5 tools.
7. Three spindle drilling and threading attachment is indispensable to do various other machining operation on automatic.

Tool and Cutter Grinder

HMT, CTL 175 Tool and Cutter Grinder with Diamond Wheels for Grinding and Lapping of Sintered Carbide Tools and H.S.S. Tools.

Oil Extractor

To Extract Oil out of scrap material.

Bench Grinder

Tumbling Machine

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